Thursday, 11 November 2010

Single Pringle and Global Warming

Heeey Guys, I am a Single Pringle. I dnt even know if tht is offensive or not but yea I am, I broke up wiv my bf 2day unfortunately, it's jst we didn't rly understand each other nd he didn't trust me nd tbh I dnt think I lked him as much as I used 2! :( ! alwell I gues u kinda have 2 pck urself up nd carry on. I dnt think he was hurt to much but I dnt think he was expecting it. Anyway on a different note I have a chemistry assessment tomoz!!! It is about acid rain and global warming. Tht brings me 2 my nxt topic GLOBAL WARMING!!! I have highlighted it 4 a reason, it is a vry serious problem. I know, I know people r always saying it nd ur probably thinking oh no other person talking bout global warming, but hear me out it is a vry serious problem nd I wnt go on for long but by making a few changes u cn help the enviroment alot. Not only the enviroment but some of the wild life aswell coz unfortunately alot of the wildlife is being ruined not only coz of global warming but the human race's selfish ways! I mean cn u explain y rain forests r being teared down the size of 6 football pitches nd ruining the homes of endangered species! Ok, ok I said I wudn't go on 4 too long but it is a vry dear subject to me!!! Anyway I'm gonna get my rest, as I said I have a chemistry assessment tomoz and I have dance. Oh 1 more thing I wanna say hi 2 Mina nd Theo luv u guys!!!! lolings ;)
Bye x Funni Bunni x
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