Friday, 12 November 2010

Another Day

Heeeey Guys, unfortunateley this will only be a short blog coz I have dance nd I have to get ready. Well my day all began with me waking up at 7 thn falling asleep again nd waking up at 25 to 8!!! NOT GOOD!!! I jumped out of bed put on my clothes rly quickly put bread in the toaster brushed my teeth nd then I looked into the mirror... well lets put it simply I looked terrible! So I quickly put some concealer over the rly bad bits some mascara 4 my lashes thn brushed my hair nd my teeth my morning ended wiv my mom shoutingat me 4 taking 2 long!!!! I had a chemistry assessment today I was rly worried bout it but then wen it got to it I was fine but then I thought it was so easy I cud slack off... nope... I was wrong!!! I was left 20 minutes to rite the essay... not good!!! lolings in the end I was okay though so hopefully I will get a gd level. My mom has been asking me recently wat I wnt 2 do 4 my GCSE's... nd tbh I dnt have a clue.... well I might rite another blog l8er so look out 4 it! ;)

Bye x Funni Bunni x

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