Monday, 8 November 2010


Heeeey guys. I'm new at this so dnt be mean it will take a while to get the hang of this but from the looks of it, it is pretty simple. I would like to start by saying Hi. I am a high school student I'm in year 9, which makes me 14, I have a lot of hobbies, like, reading and trying to find different ways to save the planet, but my favourite hobby is dancing. It is my life and passion. Lol I sound so funny. Ok, well in short I am green, as in the sense I wanna help the planet, I love dancing, I love my best friendsn and I have a boyfriend called Max and no it is not Max Smith. OMG dnt u jst h8 it when ur on something lk fb nd then ur mom jst suddenly says ok time 4 bed nd jst keeps hasiling u even if u said u will go in a min??? Yea I h8 it!!! lolings. yea I am medium height (which means I'm short) I have long brown hair, blue eyes, thin and a crazy, I mean Crazy personality but hey tht's me!!! Well there it is my first blog. dw they will get better!!! lol ;) 
Bye and Goodnight for now 
x Funni Bunni x :) xxx

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