Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My Day

Heeeeey Guys, soz I didn't write a blog yesterday, I was rushed to get to my friends house so we could go to a concert. Soooo....  I went to go see a band called Mike Fantastic they only played lk 4 songs, lolings, but they had 4 support bands tht were vry gd nd some of them were vry hot!!! Yesterday we also did Fair trade in D.T and I have to say tht it is a vry important so nxt time u r buying somethin lk chocolate or tea it might cost a couple pennies more but plz buy fair trade nd help some1 in need! OMG yr 9!! I'm having fun but there r a lot of assessments on in 1 week. Speaking of which I have a french writing assessment tomoz so I have to go revise. So soz this is quite a short blog but I thought I wud write 1 coz Theo asked me wen my nxt 1 was soo... oh nd Mina asked 2 be mentioned in my blog aswell so.... Hey Mina!!!! Lolz!
Bye x Funni Bunni x
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